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Welcome to my poster factory!

Poster Factory is a side project of mine where I collaborate with fellow filmmakers in designing their posters for any production purposes. I've made posters for festivals, fundraisers, theatrical releases, and for teaser purposes. Check out my work below.

For questions and inquiries, please click the link below or scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page. Thank you :)

- Don


How much does a film poster cost?

Each project and production is different and thus, vary in their needs. I’ve made posters from shorts to features, and from crowdfunding posters to festival posters, all with varying available assets and production needs. With this in mind, I unfortunately will have no concrete answer to provide for your specific project. Before we start, I’d like to know the timeframe and deadline of your project, the budget of your production intended for graphics, any available assets, and chat about your production needs - what do you want out of this poster? Then from there, we could write up a quote.


That being said, the higher budget you production has, the more poster designs I can present, and the more revisions we can go through, giving your production the most variety it could have in getting it’s visual and thematic identity across!


What assets do you need to design my poster?

- Hi res images/stills (4k/5k if available)

* If you have no stills, or images, I can still create a poster through illustration, collage, digital painting, etc

- The tagline and/or logline of your film

- Production logos

- Billing block info/poster credits

- Posters as reference or inspo for your poster

- Script or a Synopsis

- Additional notes

- A cut of the film (if available!)


I have no assets available for my film as it is still in development process, can you still make my poster?

Yes! I can work with no assets. I’ve crafted posters for pitch purposes, crowdfunding concept posters, and even posters for my own films that I haven’t filmed yet and are still in the funding/grant process. It could be a digital painting, illustration, a collage, or a text-based design, etc.


How long does it take to craft a poster?

First round of concepts take usually 3 days to 2 weeks, and we can keep tweaking from there. My first round of concepts are typically already thoroughly developed, so that if your production needs a quick turnaround, we can go with that right away. Otherwise, we can keep adjusting it until we fully realize the poster that your film needs.


How much for revisions?

I allow 4 rounds of revisions. Any revision after that will require a small fee per change.


Can you deliver other formats as well?

Any! Standard movie poster sizes, DVD covers, book covers, FB banners, Instagram square format, etc. Your initial quote will depend on the various formats that you want added to your order.


Do you provide all the art files?

A layered PSD file will be provided upon request.


Do you produce the title treatment and billing block?

Yes. Everything that can go in the poster, I can produce and provide.


What’s the billing process?
After a quote is agreed upon, then we can start our process! A 50% deposit is required before we begin a project, and the final 50% installment should be paid after the completion of the project. The final installation is required before any of the project files can be sent. An invoice will be sent to you before each payment.

For more questions and inquiry, please reach me at:

Thanks for the interest in working with me!

- Poster Factory

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