Umbilical Cord to Heaven (2019), Philippines


A series of vignettes depicting several people in the Philippines as they summon creatures of the past to be made present again in the land. ​ Chicago International Film Festival, Cineyouth, Winner, Best Experimental Film, Chicago, IL NFFTY, Winner, Jury Prize, Best Experimental Film, Seattle, WA Premiere Film Festival, Nominated, Best Experimental Film, Chicago, IL 58th Ann Arbor Film Festival, Official Selection, Ann Arbor,  MI

Hilum (2020), Philippines

In a rural coastal village in the Philippines, Mona trains under her mother to start work as a professional mourner-for-hire. After a botched performance, Mona retreats from her mother’s fury, and seeks out a shaman to cure her inability to cry. ​(coming soon)

Burning Inside, USA (2020)


Shiro Schwarz embarks on an intimate journey through urban and elemental decay set in the concrete and sandy beaches of the City of Chicago in Summertime 20s. Burning Inside is music video for Mexico's audiovisual 80's funk duo 's new single.

Nicerata Performs an Acapella on her 84th Birthday, Philippines (2018)


On a dreary day during the wet season in the Philippines, Nicerata Gorgonio, a church choir singer performs a sweet song about the fragility of human lives.

Boxes, USA (2017)


In late-Summertime Chicago, a musician is  evicted from his apartment. Forced to leave the city, he creates a song to say goodbye to everything he’s leaving behind.

Water, USA (2016)

An experimental musical-documentary featuring local Chicago hip-hop artist

Deba, detailing his process of lyrical improvisation. Through freestyle

performances, animation, and narration, we look through a creative

process that has been a strong foundation of a rap music for ages.